Simple Webcasting: From Anywhere, to Anywhere, For Anyone

CaptivEYE WebCast is our latest addition to the CaptivEYE family of online video solutions. It provides live streaming of video and audio content from any camera or video source: from anywhere, to anywhere, for any audience.

Webcast for Any Need
Be it a free-to-the-world broadcast, linking two conference venues on opposite sides of the world, connecting remote offices for an 'intranet' meeting, a webcast for a private audience or a paid subscription event, CaptivEYE WebCast accommodates for all streaming needs.

Your Message, Not Our Technology
The goal of any webcast is to provide quality vision and sound, which delivers a message and experience that's comparable with being there in person. That's our focus, and should be the main focus for each webcast viewer too, rather than being distracted by the technology used to present it. In effect, our goal is not to be noticed, and make all aspects of the webcast simple and hassle free, both leading up to and during the event.

High Quality / Low Bandwidth
Using the very latest in video compression technology, CaptivEYE WebCast features high quality video without the need for high speed broadband; both at the venue and at the viewer end. This results in a significant reduction in the amount of data transferred - and therefore cost - whilst providing professional quality content for your audience.

Webcast from Anywhere / Rapid Deployment
With the utilisation of 3G, microwave and satellite based internet as applicable, a CaptivEYE WebCast can be conducted anywhere, and setup rapidly. In fact, we do more webcasts via 3G than anything else, drawing on our years of experience with CaptivEYE Webcam where we have dozens of webcams streaming via 3G on a daily basis.
CaptivEYE WebCast can also be powered entirely by batteries, and a complete CaptivEYE Webcast system is small enough and light enought to be transported in a backpack, for extreme remote locations.

Multi-Platform Delivery & HD
As well as delivery in a web browser via Flash which works across PCs and Macs, CaptivEYE WebCast can also deliver to a specific need or format, including mobile devices such as an iPhone. Where applicable, webcasts in high definition are also available.

Dual Streaming
As much as we all benefit and rely on the internet, we can't completely trust it. That's why for all CaptivEYE WebCasts we use two complete systems which operate independently of each other. This allows the end viewer to switch from one to the other with a single click, should there be any interruption of service between the event source, the viewer and the varied paths the video stream travels between them. In some cases we use 3 streams per event, such as two different quality settings and a third stream as a backup via 3G. Providing a solution which works reliably and accommodates for so many varying parameters is critical.

Integrated Delivery
CaptivEYE WebCast is designed to be embedded directly into a client's website, rather than send viewers off to a third party site. We work with web developers to ensure each webcast is seamlessly integrated, and upholds the branding, reputation and professionalism of those involved. We can also tailor to suit, given we design and write our own software.

Synchronised Slides
Using a dual streaming technique, Powerpoint slides, documents and other items presented on screen at the venue are displayed and updated automatically during a webcast, and in fullscreen mode as an option for maximum impact. This eliminates the need for an operator to obtain slides prior to the event and painstakingly manually change them during the actual presentation.

Post-Event Webcast-On Demand
As well as streaming live, CaptivEYE WebCasts can be delivered on demand, for those who weren't able to attend or watch due to other commitments or timezones.

Full Service & Collaborative
With Captivaction's long history and experience in video production, a CaptivEYE Webcast can be supplied complete with video and sound crew, or we can just provide the webcasting in collaboration with others. Our ability to work alongside others is a key factor in ensuring events are conducted efficiently and professionally.
All CaptivEYE WebCasts are tailored to suit each event; its specific needs and its audience.

Permanent, Self-Managed Webcasting
As well as webcasts for one-off or ad-hoc events, CaptivEYE WebCast can also be implemented as a permanent fixture for venues, churches and any place which seeks to offer webcasting on a more frequent basis. Such systems are self-managed, require no technical ability to administrate, and operate at a low monthly cost. This provides excellent potential for profitability. See our CaptivEYE Funeral WebCast System for an example of this.

CaptivEYE WebCast is well suited - but certainly not limited to - the following applications:

Concerts & Festivals
Church Services
Sporting Events
Media Events
Conferences & Keynote Presentations
Annual Reports
Product Launches
Government & Council
Remote Education
Family Occasions

And as with all things Captivaction, we thrive on accommodating unusual challenges where attention to detail is critical.


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