Central Park 3D Masterplan

"Take a stationary object for a spin"

OrbitVR is a 360 degree interactive object rotation system.

It allows you to travel around a 3-dimensional item or place, and observe it from different angles. Like being in orbit.

Here, try one:
Central Park 3D Masterplan

As well as allowing you to explore around objects and scenes, it goes much further by offering enhanced interactivity and integrated details to explore. This results in a greater understanding and connection with what you're looking at.

Real or Simulated
OrbitVR can be of real objects and environments, or of computer simulated environments, like the above example.

Smooth Control
Unlike older style "object VR" modelling, OrbitVR features an advanced smooth rotation engine, with very small increments between each angle of view. As a result the movement is fluid, not jerky.

Layering & Dynamic Information
As well as the simple orbiting experience, OrbitVR offers interactive laying of content, toggled categories and any number of enhancements including integration of other media types, dynamic updating and more.

Tailored to Suit
Like all CaptivEYE systems and solutions, OrbitVR can be customised to suit any project, need or client. We love a good challenge.

Applications include property development, medicine, motor vehicles, art, small objects and many things we're sure we haven't thought of yet. The sky's not the limit at all.


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