Tailored Zoomable Imaging


HarrierMap is a tailored and interactive high resolution zoomable imaging system.

Here, try one:
Central Park Location Map

What makes HarrierMap unique is its ability to be tailored and customised for a particular need or application. It can be seamlessly integrated into any website, rather than looking like it's... well... from a third party mapping provider.

Like our virtual tours, visitors can explore a map or image by 'hovering' over it, as well as zooming in and out, in realtime, for more intricate detail.

Up to Date Content
Unlike some other online mapping solutions, all aspects of a HarrierMap project can be kept up to date at the discretion of the client. This includes commissioning new satellite images to be taken, whenever needed.

Dynamic Labelling
A key feature of HarrierMap is its inbuilt labelling and linking system which can add relevant meaning, information and enhanced intuitive navigation. These points of interest track with the maps as they're explored, and can be linked to any type of web-based media including web pages, documents, articles, photos and video.

Side by Side Synchronisation
As well as single maps or multiple maps which can be switched, HarrierMap also offers side-by-side map synchronisation allowing pixel-accurate comparison between two sources.
Here's an example of a side-by-side HarrierMap

Infinite Customisation
As with all things Captivaction, HarrierMap can be totally customised for any need, challenge and delivery platform.


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