'Real' or 3D Simulated

Self Guided Flythrough Tours can be produced for real places - where we capture on location - or 'yet to be built' places using computer 3D modelling.

For real places we shoot everything ourselves, including flythroughs with Steadicam® and High Definition video cameras. For 3D simulated tours we collaborate with architectural 3D companies who provide the necessary professional modelling and rendering solution. Any reputable 3D company can work with us, and many offer our tour solution to their own clients.

High Definition

As well as a 'Standard' version, we also offer a High Definition (HD) experience which takes over the screen, providing a heightened level of detail and an even greater 'wow' factor.
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Converting Tours to 'Passive' Video

Being captured and mastered in HD, all tour panoramas and flythroughs have the capacity to be used in broadcast and/or DVD productions. Interactive photographic panoramas are converted to 'self panning' movie clips, which are then edited together with flythroughs to make a self running virtual tour presentation. This value added option is perfect for plasma screens or DVD/CD-Rom handouts.

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