Live Streaming & Interactive Webcam


All CaptivEYE Timelapse systems double as a live webcam, including interactive pan/tilt/zoom user control. With video streaming at a full 25-frames-per-second - even over a 3G wireless connection - CaptivEYE's WebCam feature provides on-site live remote access, often from an otherwise inaccessible vantage point. This keeps relevant parties informed from anywhere in the world at a moment's notice, whilst at the same time saving time and money by reducing the number of on-site visits required.

CaptivEYE WebCam is also used as a powerful marketing tool, with cameras easily embedded into any website and viewed with a standard web browser. Alternatively, it can be protected with username and password access, for internal use only.

View live streaming timelapse camera:
Aria Swanbourne
Greystanes Industrial Estate, Sydney

Instant HD Snapshot
For tasks such as creating reports and presentations, CaptivEYE's WebCam feature also includes the ability to take an instant multi-megapixel JPEG image. Combined with pan/tilt/zoom control, users can capture a particular scene or area of interest in detail, download it immediately to their PC or device, and - for example - walk into a meeting to present an update.

Filming of Special Events
Utilising CaptivEYE WebCam's video streaming, when a special event is taking place the live video can also be recorded, even in high definition.


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