The Integrated Timelapse and Live Webcam System


CaptivEYE Timelapse is a fully featured timelapse capturing and live webcam system. It's multi-faceted approach offers impact, value, efficiency with unparalleled archiving, monitoring and marketing capabilities.

Fixed or Panoramic & Multi-Angle Capturing
As well as traditional 'locked off' cameras, CaptivEYE features unique pan/tilt/zoom systems, which can take any number of different views from a single camera, including wide panoramic scenes up to 360. With many sites unable to be captured with a single camera due to the size or shape, CaptivEYE's pan/tilt/zoom approach provides the flexibility of a much wider view than any fixed camera, as well as the ability to capture any particular area of interest concurrently for greater detail. One CaptivEYE camera equals virtually unlimited angles and views in virtually any direction.


HD and Multi-megapixel
All CaptivEYE systems feature Full HD and multi-megapixel resolution imaging. Combined with superior optics and advanced light and colour technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), CaptivEYE's images are suitable not only for Full HD timelapse animations, but also digital or print based medium.

Remote Capture, Storage, Backup & Instant Access
All CaptivEYE Timelapse systems are primarily captured and stored away from the camera. Because of this, image are kept safe, are backed up to 2 different locations daily, don't need to be retrieved manually on site, are accessible by the client whenever required and are spot-checked on a weekly basis (by a real human) to ensure accuracy and quality. It's all part of the service.

Adjustable Capture Frequencies & Angles
As a CaptivEYE System is operated and controlled remotely, changes in the frequency of timelapse capturing can be arranged for at any time, to suit the stages of construction and the amount of activity taking place within a given period. For example, during a period of intense activity we can increase the capturing to be 10 times more often than usual. With a pan/tilt/zoom camera this also includes setting up additional angles as required, during the process.

3G Wireless & Solar Powered
Almost all CaptivEYE Timelapse systems operate using 3G or 4G wireless internet, and increasingly with solar power. This allows cameras to be installed almost anywhere, operate independently and be in position well before construction starts. Satellite based internet access is also available; CaptivEYE systems can and do operate from anywhere in the world.

Those using CaptivEYE include:

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