Timelapse Animation Production


Completing the process, CaptivEYE Timelapse includes the careful assembly, aligning, culling and mastering of images to form a timelapse animation video.
Our hands-on production team ensures timelapse videos are branded, titled and delivered in a professional manner, in keeping with the project and client it's providing for.
Animations are available in any common format, be it a file or on disc.

See a selection of animations on YouTube.

Timelapse on Demand
For those who want to be able to access captured images regularly, we also provide a "Timelapse on Demand" system. Users can access a webpage, select a date range, and watch an instantly-assembled animation. This compliments the webcam; with the two combined you're able to watch what's happening right now, as well as what's been captured in the past.
Like the webcam feature, Timelapse on Demand can be embedded in any website using a single line of html code.


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