Self-Managed Webcasting for Funeral Homes, Churches and Venues


The CaptivEYE Funeral Webcast System is an integrated solution for Funeral Directors, Churches and Venues, providing live and recorded webcasts of funerals, or any service/event. It's simple, easy to use, and has been built to not only add value as a service offering, but also add to a business's bottom line.

Webcast to the World
So often, a funeral or service happens at a place and time where people just can't be there. Rather than miss out, a webcast allows them to watch the service/event live, from anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection. It's a valuable way of allowing extended friends, family and others to connect and be part of an event, remotely.

The CaptivEYE System
The CaptivEYE Funeral Webcast System allows webcasting to become an integral part of a venue's offerings, and operations. It works without the need for any technical ability once setup, and requires very little time to use on a day to day basis. On top of this:

Once setup, the system has the potential to be profitable with only a couple of webcasts per month*, adding to a business's bottom line rather than drawing from it. The system does not have a 'per service' charge like many webcast providers require, resulting in virtually an unlimited number of services from a single monthly flat rate.

(*subject to what is charged for a webcast, of course)

Integrated & Branded
The CaptivEYE Funeral System is designed to be seamlessly integrated with a venue's website, rather than sending viewers off to some other portal or third party website. In each case the webcast interface is customised so as to be consistent with their own look and feel. As a result, the venue is able to promote webcasting as their own service offering, and market it far more effectively as a result. Room is also made in the interface for advertising or sponsors, if applicable.

High Quality / Low Bandwidth
The CaptivEYE Funeral System uses the very latest in h264 streaming technologies to allow high quality video to be broadcast without the need for a fast broadband connection at the source, or a fast broadband connection at the viewer end. It also uses Flash, which means both PC and Mac users can access a webcast easily. On request webcasts can also be made available for mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Non-Technical Self Management
The System utilises a simple-to-use admin system, that allows new services to be added and scheduled within minutes, without the need for any technical ability whatsoever. Once a service/event is added, and the webcast details are provided to the end client/family, no other preparations are required prior to, or during the service.
The CaptivEYE system includes the ability to add and manage details, photo, order of service, and an e-mail address to which viewers can send condolence messages during the webcast

Single, Multiple, Portable or Existing Cameras
The CaptivEYE Funeral System can be setup with a single fixed ceiling camera, multiple fixed cameras for live switching, or with removable cameras on tripods. The system can also work with existing CCTV cameras at a venue, provided the quality is acceptable. Ultimately, any video and audio content can be used with the CaptivEYE System.

Turn Key/Collaborative
The CaptivEYE Funeral System can be provided as a complete turn-key system including installation, or can be provided in a collaborative approach with the venue and its existing equipment. No PC is required on site for the system to operate, and in many cases the camera is the only piece of hardware that needs to be installed.

High Definition Recording
All systems have the option of standard definition or full HD cameras, with recording in HD for future proofing. All CaptivEYE systems use 16:9 widescreen cameras.

Local/Overflow Viewing
Where applicable, the webcast camera can also be used at the venue to provide video content elsewhere on the premises - such as an overflow room - simultaneously with the live webcast, with optimised viewing for each application.

Webcasting from Temporary Locations
Utilising Captivaction's SpringCast™ mobile streaming device, the CaptivEYE Funeral Webcast System can also be used for services and events at temporary locations, including outdoors.


The CaptivEYE Funeral Webcast System makes affordable day to day webcasting a reality. It allows the embracing of cutting-edge technology as comfortable step forward, and one which can add profitability, rather than being just another expense to contend with.


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