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CaptivEYE Webcam is a powerful tool for presenting real places in real time: for marketing, analysis, monitoring, timelapse, security or indeed all of these simultaneously.

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Sydney Harbour
Sunny Queen Chooks

Live & Interactive
Unlike most webcams, CaptivEYE features realtime interactivity, where you can watch, take control and pan/tilt/zoom, all from within a standard web browser. Images are of high quality and clarity, and the overall experience is simple, easy to use and quick to load. And fun!

Because what you're seeing is real, not only does CaptivEYE allow for an instant understanding of what's there, it also allows for a greater emotional attachment - "I wish I was there!" - which can be critical in achieving sales and bookings. CaptivEYE is also a proven way of increasing traffic to a website.

As a marketing and information tool, CaptivEYE allows you to interactively watch progress at any time; explore different aspects, and appreciate its environment. With its ease of adding to a website, it's an impacting and instant way of showing where things are, and where things are up to.
CaptivEYE also doubles as a timelapse system using the same camera.

For developers and builders, CaptivEYE provides 'instant on-site access', reducing the need to be there in person, whilst at the same time being able to explore live detailed imaging, often from an otherwise inaccessible vantage point. CaptivEYE keeps all relevant parties informed at a moment's notice, be it for private access or make available on a public website.

Business & Asset Monitoring
CaptivEYE allows easy live viewing and monitoring of almost any remote location or asset: saving time, reducing cost and offering the comfort of being able to see what's happening, live.

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