CaptivEYE features interactive control with live pan/tilt/zoom cameras, covering right up to a 360 degree view. These make for a highly engaging and entertaining experience, allowing the viewer to explore in realtime, and appreciate all the view has to offer.

CaptivEYE systems feature the latest in h264 streaming technology to deliver full 25-frames-per-second video, even over a 3G wireless connection. This provides a powerful television-like experience, whilst not requiring high speed broadband at both the source and at the viewer end.

HD Snapshot
With CaptivEYE cameras being native high definition, as well as live imaging, viewers are able to take an instant snapshot in jpeg format. For construction sites, this is an excellent tool for reports and presentations - particularly when using a camera's pan/tilt/zoom functions to get just the right shot. For marketing, the images are good enough to be used as a desktop picture.

No Location Too Remote
Almost all CaptivEYE systems operate using 3G or 4G wireless internet. This allows for great flexibility in where a camera can be positioned. Combined with our solar powered systems, we can put them just about anywhere. Satellite connectivity is also available for those places where even 3G is inacessible.

Add to Any Website
CaptivEYE can be added to any website with ease, using a single line of code. Special code is also used to ensure that your camera only gets added to your website, or websites you authorise.

As well as Live Streaming, CaptivEYE Timelapse is available using the same camera, where capturing is as little or as often as needed. Using pan/tilt/zoom cameras, super wide panoramas can also be achieved, right up to a full 360 degree scene. All at print quality. See CaptivEYE Timelapse for more details.

Tailored to Suit
As well as being able to brand and colour each solution to suit any website, custom designed interfaces can be built on request. In addition, these options below and more are available with CaptivEYE:

- password protection
- restrictions for different users
- integrated mapping
- night vision
- live weather station

Captivaction is a multimedia company at heart, and we have built CaptivEYE from the ground up. So anything's possible really...


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