Welcome to Captivaction.

The home of:

We're a multimedia company at heart, who started out making websites in the mid '90s and then branched out into more specialised solutions.

This website introduces some these specialised solutions, but we're still kept busy in the areas of websites, multimedia, video, music and more, often all on the same project.

It's this grounding in so many fields, which allows us to see the bigger picture, integrate and converge, have a meticulous attention to detail AND know what's going on under the bonnet of everything we make.

As well as working directly with major corporations, many of our clients are advertising agencies, digital firms and other businesses who like add our creativity, expertise and offerings to their toolbox.

We thrive on new and exciting challenges; always looking to create something new, or at least something different which opens up or extends new markets, rather than just tapping into them.